iOS 4 Backup Issues today 6/21

Well, iOS 4 was indeed released today, but many users are reporting being stuck at the backup stage on their device. So, if you have not started the install of iOS 4 yet, I would hold off and see if Apple has anything to say about this. It seems that the backup that the update performs before the update is crawling incredibly slow for some reason. Example below:

Update after 30mins:

Update after 1 hour, we made progress!

Update: it has finished installing, now restoring from backup

Update: oh look an estimated time 😮

Update: 😮 almost done!

Update: Well it finished and took about 3 hours, but its a iPhone 3G so I dont get to see multitasking till I get my iPhone 4 on Thursday. Stay tuned on Thursday because I will be live from the Apple Store.

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