A few apps that support iOS 4 today

With the release of the new iOS 4 today, it did not go without problems but I bet you are thinking, what apps actually support iOS 4? Well I took a look at my phone and have compiled a short list of useful apps that have upgraded to fully support iOS 4 today.

The first on my list is Dropbox, The have released an update that says their app is iOS 4.0 tested and also supports all the features on both the iPad and iPhone. Get it here on itunes

WordPress, The new WordPress app has been released with iOS 4.0 compatibility, and also supports the retina display on the iPhone 4. The update also addresses, better app performance, UI improvements, and bug fixes. Get the app here.

Evernote, full iOS 4.0 functionality, and some synchronization, stability and image handling fixes today. Download it here.

Shazam has also been updated today with iOS 4 compatibility, and also some minor bug fixes. Download the update here.

Want more? TechCrunch has a list, and so does Engadget.

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