WordPress 3.0 Released

Today a new version of WordPress or Thelonius was released, WordPress version 3.0. This version of WordPress has been in development for a 1/2 a year and is chalk full of new features. The name Thelonius was chosen because of Thelonius the monk, which inspired WordPress to further customization for bloggers everywhere.

With the new update, there were around 1,217 bug fixes and features added including bulk updates, you can now update about 15 plugins at the same time. There is also a contextual help on every screen in WordPress 3.0 which it was lacking before. A great feature is that you can actually rename the admin account to whatever you like upon first installation. Another large feature in WordPress 3.0 is customized navigation, you can put whatever you like on the navigation menus. There are many new features, check them out in the below video, Enjoy!

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