E3 2010: Konami Press Conference Recap

Konami had their E3 2010 press conference yesterday and unveiled a ton of new games. I will explain below.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, this highly anticipated game, the graphics are stunning and the game-play looks addicting. In the gameplay they discuss how you can slice enemies apart and other objects in the game. For example you an slice off enemy parts and not kill them or you can slice them apart and kill them, its your choice how they die. Also, at the end of the demo they show the precision by slicing a watermelon laying on a table inside the game. They called it a “cut at will” experience for the gamer. MGS appears to have Xbox Kinect support for all of the sword action. Zan-Datsu is another game mechanic, or called a stomach battery, in the trailer the character pulled it out and absorbed the energy from it, after taken from a cyborg. You can take life or energy or parts, items, or even information from these items.

The game developers also emphasized a both Stealth and Action game experience, you will have to use both, if you don’t you will not succeed.

Silent Hill 8 (Working Title), this game just looks awesome. They have not yet released a title for the new Silent Hill, but I am sure we can expect one soon. From the trailer, it appears that you are an escaped convict trying to flee Silent Hill. The game is its usual murky foggy experience where creatures will jump out of the fog when you least expect it.

Neverdead, appears to be a first person shooter with a unique mechanic. The main character can be dismembered without dieing, now I am sure this can open up a new way to play the game but I do not have any more details than the trailer for you. Stay tuned more will be released.

DefJam Rapstar, From what was mentioned at the conference you can perform with Def Jam and allow your friends to vote on your performance on their phones and other media. They did say “Someone will become famous with this game” at the conference, so I can only think that it will be like American Idol over game consoles. While playing the game, it really resembles karaoke.

2D Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. Lords of shadow is a complete graphical face lift and a new story, telling more of the mythological story of Castlevania. Harmony of Despair is a remake of the classic 2D game for consoles.

Lucha Libre: Heroes Del Ring, is a Mexican wrestling game. Really do not have much information about it.

Otomedius Excellent

Adrenaline Misfits

Dance Masters

Adrenaline Misfits and Dance Masters both are Kinetic based games that focus on both downhill boarding and dancing. Dance Masters is very similar to Dance Dance without the pad, it will be completely Kinect enabled, so just dance and Kinect picks it up.

Glee Karaoke Revolution, and extension of their Karaoke Revolution franchise which features songs from the hit series Glee.

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