Xbox 360 Slim Details and Unboxing

This week at E3, Microsoft had announced that they were releasing a new Xbox that was smaller with more features built in. They call it the Xbox Slim. Now Microsoft also announced on the Xbox Live dashboard with a video of the new Xbox Slim which I have embedded below, please not that it is not my gamertag in the video.

The Xbox Slim constists of a all new sleeker design with the following changes. A 250 GB hard drive included in the base model now and the hard drive is still at the top of the console but in a different way (see below pictures). Built in Wifi 802.11n so you don’t have to worry about purchasing the Wifi adapter anymore. The new Xbox Slim also includes a built in Optical Audio port on the back of the console without an adapter, that is a welcome change for me. Currently I have 2 plugs in the back of mine, one being HDMI, second being the optical adapter. The Xbox Slim also looks like it has more vents for air, so no more over heating?

Overall I would love to have the new Xbox, the built in Wifi and Optical port have sold me. The additional storage and new sleek design was not what I was looking for, I would just like to get rid of all the adapters. Also with a $299 price tag, you can’t beat that.

Xbox Slim HDD Location

More Air Flow (Notice the Vents)

Below is the video from the Xbox Live Dashboard from Youtube.

Below is the Engadget video from E3 unboxing the new Xbox Slim, Enjoy.

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