Update, Xbox Kinect (Natal) Launch titles [VIDEO]

First we had the name Kinect (Formerly Project Natal) now we have a video that has surfaced showing more demo’s of Kinect games. Now it is not clear, however other sources are saying its true that the titles in the video could be release titles for Kinect. I have embedded a video below depicting these titles.

The first game looks like a family type white water rafting game with a twist, the second game appears to just be a sports game and they only show the running portion, the third game appears to be a sort of dance along game similar to dance dance, but without the pad, and the fourth shows a family navigating videos on the Xbox with Kinect. It is also possible it will be a suite of games that will be released with it as well. More info as soon as we have it here at TekGoblin.

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