Recap – Microsoft E3 2010 Keynote

Hey guys, today Microsoft had its opening keynote for the E3 Expo which begins tomorrow. We learned about new features for Xbox Kinect, and more content for Xbox Live. Below I will recap the events, and if you would like to watch the keynote again it is embedded below:


  • Xbox Kinect Announced
  • Trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising
  • Metal Gear Solid: Rising asks: ‘What will you cut?’
  • Crytek’s 360-exclusive Codename: Kingdoms unveiled (looks like 300)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops shown off
  • Fable 3 launching October 26
  • Gears of War 3 live demo shows 4-player co-op
  • Halo: Reach campaign briefly shown off
  • Microsoft reveals ESPN integration with Xbox Live
  • Forza 3 gets Kinect support
  • Kinectimals is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
  • VideoKinect is kinda like Skype
  • Using Kinect to control Xbox 360 apps
  • Cute girl plays with tiger in Kinectimals
  • Kinect Joy Ride brings kart racing to Kinect
  • Ubisoft reveals Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
  • Kinect Sports by Rare
  • Dance Central lets you dance with Kinect
  • New Star Wars title coming to Kinect

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