iPad predicts iPhone 4 release date

Something amazing (dare I say magical) has happened with an application on my iPad. So, I downloaded AstrologistPro for the iPad, and I entered my date and time of birth etc. The app is supposed to be able to create your birth chart and show information about you based on it.

The app has a section called “Your Lucky Days” and a subsection called A Good Day For Money, then Investing. While browsing through everything, I tried pressing Money, then Investing and the app started working and displayed June 24, 2010. I said ok, then I thought about it for a second, June 24, that is the same day I plan to purchase my iPhone 4 and its the day that it is released. Coincidence?

Well, I must say I am excited that my iPad knows that it is about to have a new friend, the iPhone 4.

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