3D Playstation 3 Games Released

Yesterday, Sony released the first four 3D PS3 video games.  Those titles are Wipeout HD, Super Stardust, PAIN, and MotorStorm Pacific Rift.  The PS3 already received the mandatory firmware update two months ago, shortly after removing the ability to use Linux as an alternate OS.

Wipeout HD is another installment of the popular Wipeout series, a series of futuristic racing games, from the original Playstation.  In this game, the vehicles driven by the player move extremely fast on screen, so this would be an interesting game to play in 3D.  Screenshot below:

Wipeout HD Screenshot

Photo Source:  Lazygamer

Super Stardust is a space shooter game, reminiscent of Asteroids and Geometry Wars.  It uses a space theme, and you orbit a planet, moving, turning, and shooting all at the same time.  This game appears like it would be a lot of fun, with various objects floating around you, all while you are trying to shoot these objects.  Screenshot below:

Super Stardust Screenshot

Photo Source:  ThePlaystationNetwork

PAIN is an arcade-style game where you launch your character via slingshot into various objects, and the more destruction and mayhem you cause, the higher the score.  The concept seems neat, but the only thing I can imagine happening with 3D is the cartoon-style, world scenery stretching out from the screen as you move through the map, which doesn’t really impress me much.  Screenshot below:

PAIN Screenshot

Photo Source:  Blasteroids

MotorStorm Pacific Rift is the sequel to one of the first games to come out with the PS3, MotorStorm.  This version of the game is set on a Pacific island, as opposed to a desert, so there are more elements to have to deal with, including water (slowing you down), lava (destroying your vehicle), and vegetation (slowing you down).  This game in 3D sounds interesting, with as much detail was put into the first game, even more detail will be put into this, and the environment stretching out of your screen in 3D sounds extremely realistic.  Screenshot below:

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Screenshot

Photo Source:  GamePro

In order to get the full capabilities of 3D video games, you must have a 3DTV, which will set you back quite a bit.  Sony is rumored to be releasing a 40-inch starting at $2099, with most others running at $2000 or higher. You also must own a pair of glasses in order to see in 3D, and some TVs come with them, others don’t, and these can also run around $200 each if you have to buy them.  Your PS3 must also be connected to the internet, and you must have downloaded firmware version 3.30 or later, which enables 3D gaming.  More is expected to be released in next week’s E3 conference.  Stay tuned to this site for more info next week.

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