Motorola Droid 2 Leaks

As anticipation increases before the Motorola Droid 2 phone releases, there are videos and pictures leaking which display the phone. The first leak was the Droid 2 activation screen captured by Droid-Life. This was a very blurry image of the phone on the initial activation screen shown above.

The second leak was a picture of the full phone with the slide-out keyboard as seen below, a comparison between the Droid 1 and he Droid 2 of the differences between keyboards. The only main differences are the keyboard is missing the gold directional buttons on the right side, and the keyboard itself seems to be more ‘poofy’ than before. The keyboard looks like it would be much easier to type with and feel the keys with your fingers.

The third leak for the Droid 2 would be this video of its initial loading screen upon powering it up. I must say, the loading screen animation is pretty sexy indeed.

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