Twitter Availability Issues, Over Capacity Error.

If you rely on twitter for you daily fix then today is not a good day for you. According to twitter status [Site is part of twitter] the site is experiencing some problems.

We had a system-side issue this morning starting around 0800 Pacific that resulted in experiencing two 30 minute back-to-back incidents over roughly one hour.  The problem has largely been addressed, but we aren’t quite to 100 percent yet.

Do not panic, most of the users will see over capacity errors. Twitter is renowned for its famous capacity errors. Due to rapidly expanding user base, these errors are getting quite common. Hopefully, the engineering’s will fix the problem soon. In the meantime, try Google Buzz, watch some movie, or do something else. Better yet, start reading your RSS feeds.


UPDATE: Twitter has announced:


Today’s incident was an error with networking equipment. This prevented us from serving at full capacity.

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