Cool! Mosquitoes Review for the iPhone

Are you sick and tired of mosquitoes, I know I am. With the ‘Cool! Mosquitoes’ app from Colorme you can defeat those pesky mosquitoes right on your iPhone. The Mosquitoes game features many different levels and difficulties and a few different weapons of choice depending on progress throughout the game.

A fun feature of ‘Cool! Mosquitoes’ is that you actually play the game with the iPhone camera active, so whatever you are pointing your phone at, that is the playing field.  Powerups spawn randomly during gameplay that help reach the goal before time expires. These powerups include a bomb to destroy many mosquitoes at once, lightning to fry those pesky mosquitoes, a clock to add more time, and an ice cube to freeze and kill the mosquitoes.

Overall I think for a $.99 game it was worth it, the graphics and gameplay aren’t that bad actually. I could see myself spending around an hour or so playing this game before putting it down for the day. This game is the type of game that you can sit down with at home or at work to kill some time before a meeting or heading home.

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