Next Apple TV revealed with a $99 price tag

With the recent news about GoogleTV attempting to compete with Apple TV, news has surfaced that Apple TV will have new hardware and a different storage solution all for $99. Rumors have surfaced that their will still be a small amount of flash storage on the device 16GB, but the main option for media will be out in the cloud. Users of Apple TV will be able to store their media in the cloud and access it that way. Engadget claims that the new Apple TV will sport an A4 CPU and be very similar to the internals and functionality of the iPhone 4. The new Apple TV will also be able to support full 1080p HD video out.

With all of these new features and for the small price tag of $99, the new Apple TV will be sure to sell out immediately. Since it was said that the new Apple TV would be sorta like an iPhone 4, will the iTunes App Store applications be coming to Apple TV? Engadget reports that there have been no words on whether that will happen or not. We will see what more is to come of this at WWDC or shortly after.

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