Search Safely with Google Search SSL

Whether you are searching for something legitimately or a tad illegal you can now feel reassured with the small SSL lock in the corner of the screen.  With many people these days paranoid about privacy and other like concerns. There could be good reason to be paranoid too, for example the Google StreetView Wifi mishap recently.

Well for now Google has released a secure Google search for your pleasure and safety. Now, Google Search with SSL is in Beta meaning that it is still in development and not completly ready. Google SSL search will only allow you to search articles and websites, it will not allow you to search images, and media. Google is working to make SSL search available across all of its search tools, but for now we will have to wait. Google also wants you to be aware that Google search with SSL will be a tad slower than usual because of the extra server communication needed for SSL, but you shouldn’t notice a drastic slowdown.

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