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Ngmoco has done it again, they have released yet another hit game on the iPad. We Rule is a world of ancient kingdoms where you and your friends can build your own kingdoms. We Rule is full of vibrant colors and an easy to use interface. We Rule also has that Farmville feel for those people that want something similar but different.


You start off your kingdom with just a keep and nothing else. The tutorial (or guide) helps you learn the controls and how to build your kingdom quickly. First you have to build a farm to start making money. After making farms the guide teaches you how to plant crops and harvest them for XP and Cash. After all farms are complete the guide will teach you how to create cottages for your labor force to grow. You will actually start collecting taxes from your labor force to earn more money. The guide will help you throughout the game just do what he says.


The game has an RPG like feel which means you will have to earn experience to further yourself in the game. You earn XP or experience by completing quests or harvesting your land. Once you have enough XP you will level up and be able to build higher end items.


The graphics in the game are stunning, the game takes full use of the iPad’s screen real estate and graphics power.

Plus+ Network

We Rule is of’course a part of the Plus+ Network. Being part of the Plus+ Network means that you can connect with your friends that play this game and compete with them. Also you are able to see your rank in the world leaderboards. The Plus+ Network also features Facebook and Twitter integration to help you find friends to play with.


I think this game is a wonderful addition to the iPad. For one its free, and two it can be loads of fun. The game does however start off slow, so stick with it and have fun! More screenshots blow.

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