Netflix iPad App Review

We all wanted it and we all got it, Netflix on the iPad has been a hit. With over 12 million subscribers, Netflix has made instant streaming available on the iPad and has nailed it on the first try. The clarity of the streaming video is amazing, and sound is great too! I didn’t think they would be able to pull it off as well as they did, but man I am glad I was wrong.

The Netflix app is free from the iTunes app store, once downloading it you can start streaming immediately (assuming you have a Netflix account) by logging into your Netflix account. I started out by watching Angels and Demons, and the quality was stupendous, I could not have asked for more. The battery did not lose much power when the movie had ended either, maybe 5-10% battery life (wifi iPad). I do recommend the Netflix iPad app for anyone with an iPad and a Netflix account.

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Netflix Snapshot:

Company Profile:
With more than 12 million members, Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) is the world’s largest subscription service streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by mail. For $8.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to their TVs and computers and can receive unlimited DVDs delivered quickly to their homes. With Netflix, there are never any due dates or late fees.
Service Profile:
Members can select from a growing library of titles that can be watched instantly and a vast array of titles on DVD. Among the large and expanding base of devices that can stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix right to members’ TVs are Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3 game consoles and, this spring, Nintendo’s Wii console; Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, LG and Insignia; Internet TVs from LG, Sony and VIZIO; the Roku digital video player and TiVo digital video recorders.

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  • I actually used it…

    You obviously didn’t actually review the app, or you’d have realized that you can only play the first episode of any TV series – it’s a massive bug!

  • Sanity

    I have used the app extensively, almost everyday. To watch an entire series or pick an episode you need to first open the episode not play it. When you search for your tv show in Netflix tap on the name then press more details. Then you will be taken to the shows page that lists all of the episodes, then you can select which one you wish to watch.

  • op

    As it turns out, tapping on the name of the show does nothing. There is no “more details” because nothing comes up from the show.

    Here’s what happens:

    Search for some text, in this case, “Sarah Silverman”

    See the show in the search results you want.

    Click on the show title…. wait, up to 3 minutes and still nothing happens. Clicking again has no effect. Clicking again, has no effect.

    You may be lucky that Netflix app works on your iPad, but on my, totally stock, completely unjailbroken or altered iPad, touching the titles of shows, despite hilighting the word like it is a link, has no effect anywhere in the app.

  • Sanity

    I have had some issues but try holding your finger longer.

  • JPC

    NETFLIX EPISODE FIX: In Order to view Episodes on the Netflix APP you need to GO TO the: YOUR ACCOUNT section / Scroll Down to PREFERENCES and select the ‘Enable Detailed Movie Information On Rollover’ BOX / Once you’ve done this you’ll have access to the ‘More info’ section for each series and be able to select individual episodes – I Wasn’t able to watch more than the first episode in any given series until I did this / Hope you can all have some fun on Netflix now

  • Sanity

    I never knew you had to enable this, Thank you. It was always on for me.

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