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Before I start, I would like to commend Apple for its extremely fast shipping process. I had missed the first pre-order shipping window and was placed in the second and had to wait. Apple had said that the iPad would ship by April 12th, I was pretty bummed about that date. However Apple shipped out my iPad on the 6th and it made it all the way from China in 24hrs or so, I was amazed. Here is a picture of the tracking info, bet you never thought that UPS could be so fast!

My first impression on the iPad as I unboxed it, was that it was just beautiful and it felt very sturdy and stable in my hands. The iPad has a sleek shiny black touch screen and a aluminum backing that reminds you of the unibody frame of the current Macbook Pro. The iPad at first does remind me of the iPod Touch or the iPhone, but once I started using it that quickly faded away. The iPad performs much faster than my iPhone ever did, every task that the iPad performs is quick and snappy. The 1GHz processor that Apple has placed in the iPad truly does make the iPad perform fast.

One of the best features that was added to the iPad was the screen rotation lock which prevents the iPad from changing to landscape or portrait when you don’t want it to. If I am laying on the couch and watching a movie on my iPad and I shift positions the iPad will not change its orientation while locked in position. Since I mentioned movies, Apple has also done an amazing job with video on the iPad. Movies playing on the iPad are stunning, the display is amazingly clear and crisp, I have been using the Netflix app on the iPad to stream these movies and the iPad does it flawlessly.

Another feature that I enjoy on the iPad is that you can change the background of the lock screen and the home screen. I love being able to actually customize the home screen, now this update will also be available in iPhone OS 4.0 for iPhone and iPod touch owners soon.

Apple has also added another feature that I noticed right away, they made the settings menus tabbed, so you don’t have to sift through the menus. You can select which menu you want from the left side of the screen and the options appear on the right side. For an example I will show a screenshot below.

Now the iPad has been having some troubles with Wifi and staying connected to it. Apple has admitted to the Wifi issue and I hope they are working on a patch for it because it is annoying sometimes. The problem with the Wifi is that it will be connected and then just drop for no reason at all.

Overall I think Apple nailed the iPad, with the upcomming iPhone OS 4.0 release, it will bring some amazing changes to the iPad as well. Multitasking on the iPad will be sweet. All we can do is wait impatiently, but for now enjoy your iPad.

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