iScaper, install your own sprinkler system

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iScaper is an app created by Dustin Swede a licensed landscaper with 20 years experience troubleshooting, installing, and designing sprinkler systems. The app itself is all that it says it is, its an easy to use app that will help you install and troubleshoot your own sprinkler system in your yard. The app is easy to read and includes pictures and step by step instructions for installation. The app also features a “Common Problems” section that will list common issues that people have with installation and operation.

Application includes:
Sprinkler basics (Timer and electrical wiring, valves, piping and sprinkler heads).
Troubleshooting (see below).
Step by step repair instructions.

Troubleshooting Contents:
Timer display is blank.
Replacing a sprinkler valve.
Sprinkler valve will not turn on.
Sprinkler valve will not turn off.
Repair a broken pipe.
Repair a broken rainjet pipe.
Repair a broken galvanized pipe.
Repair a broken poly pipe.
Repair a broken PVC pipe.
Poor zone performance.
Lowering a sprinkler head.
Lower a sprinkler head with funny pipe.
How long should I water?
Programming a timer.

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