Sky Master

Sky Master, created by iCoder is an iPhone application dedicated to providing its users incredible views of the sky based on their location. You can view the sky based on your location, you can see stars and planets as well as zoom in on them. You can select specific stars or search for specific stars or constellations and see their exact locations on the screen and more detailed pictures. This app will tell you what is out there.

Sky Master is a very interesting and innovative application with lots of potential. The only flaw that I have seen with their current release 2.0 is that it tends to crash sporadically. I will keep my eye on this app, because once the stability is fixed, the app will be even more valuable.

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Official Feature list:

  • View the entire night and day sky as viewed from anywhere on Earth with detailed information about planets, stars, constellations and galaxies.
  • Use the time feature to fast-forward and or rewind time to see what sky would look like at any date and time. Watch animations of the stars and planets in motion with time exaggerated time feature which allows you to speed up movements millions of times for practical viewing. Lock-on to an object by tapping it and follow it through time.
  • Uses GPS to determine your location or you can enter other coordinates manually.
  • Use the solar system simulator to view planet’s positions relative to each other at any point in the past or future.
  • Pan 360 degrees and zoom in on an area of interest as viewed from any point on earth. Sky Master also allows you to pan below the horizon to see objects out of your line of sight.
  • Search for celestial objects by name.
  • Setting panel gives you the ability to adjustable star luminosity, add/remove labels for planets and constellations, activate the star target feature (requires you to be fully zoomed in) which gives the azimuth and angular altitude of any point in the sky and allows you to activate observer mode which tints the entire screen in a shade of red as to preserve your night vision for real-time star viewing (without this mode your eyes would have to constantly adjust from the bright iPhone screen to the dark night sky).
  • Includes additional imagery and information on well over 100 popular astronomy targets including clusters, galaxies, and other celestial formations. Just touch the marked points in the sky and press the info button for more details on the object.
  • At only $2.99, Sky Master offers incredible value and puts millennia worth of collective data about the heavens at your fingertips.

Sky Master

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