Mac OSX 10.6.3 said to fix WPA 802.1x Airport Issues

Apple is going to release its next maintenance patch to Snow Leopard being 10.6.3 very soon. From my sources I have heard that 10.6.3 fixed the 802.1x authentication issue with WPA enterprise. The new update did not just cover the airport, but covered many other things as well. The airport actually was not mentioned in the notes, but developers were asked to test the airport. This will be a welcome fix if it does actually fix the airport issue discussed above we have been having this kind of trouble here at Purdue University since 10.5.8.

10.6.3 Feature List:


  • Performance improvements for 64-bit Logic
  • Addresses compatibility issues with OpenGL-based applications
  • Includes changes to QuickTime X that increase reliability, improve compatibility and enhance security.
  • Improves printing reliability and compatibility with 3rd party printers
  • Respects the DNS server ordering as specified in Network Preferences
  • Addresses an issue that causes background message colors to display incorrectly in Mail when scrolling
  • Resolves an issue that prevented files with the # or & in their names from opening in Rosetta
  • Resolves an issue that prevented files from copying to Windows shares
  • Resolves an issue that caused machines using BTMM and the Bonjour Sleep Proxy to wake unexpectedly

***Update 10.6.3 Released****

More details on 10.6.3 here

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