Cisco Systems leaves Linkshare

I just received an email that Cisco Systems is closing their affiliate program with Linkshare. Cisco states that they have changed their business strategy and have made the decision to suspend the affiliate program on Linkshare effective March 27, 2010. Below is the original email with contacts removed.

Dear Cisco Systems Affiliate,

Cisco Systems would like to thank you for your participation in our affiliate program. Given some recent changes in our business strategy, we have made a decision to suspend our Affiliate Program with LinkShare effective March 17, 2010. We understand that you have contributed time and valuable resources to support our business and we are deeply grateful.

Pursuant to our Affiliate Agreement between Cisco Systems Inc. and you, this shall serve as our formal written notice to shut down our Cisco Systems Inc Affiliate Agreement. You will be paid for all commissions earned on Net Orders received through an affiliate link based on the terms of our Agreement, plus any earned outstanding payments currently owed to affiliates. Affiliates sales commissions will not accrue after March 17th 2010. If you have changed your contact information, please update your profile at LinkShare so you can receive your final commission check in a timely manner.

Per our Agreement, you are required to remove any and all banners, buttons, text links, product images and store fronts that link to Cisco Systems Inc. by End of Business Day March 17th 2010. If you have any questions regarding this manner, please contact (email removed).

Once again, we thank you for supporting our business and appreciate your compliance with these provisions. We will be sure to keep you informed of some exciting, new opportunities for our affiliates in the second half of the year.



Hopefully they will return to Linkshare in the near future.

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