School used student laptop webcams to spy on them

According to a post at and the court documents here, the Lower Merion School district of Pennsylvania was using school issued student laptops to spy on the students with the webcams. The school would issue the laptops for student use and then activate the webcams to spy on the students activities while they were using them. The major issue with this is privacy, the laptops could have been recording while in a bedroom or another intimate situation.

It was discovered that the school was doing this because they accused a student of improper behavior at home, and provided evidence from the webcam on the laptop. I dont even see how a school could discipline you while you are at home.

I just can’t believe that a school would invade your privacy without even telling you that they are doing so. I would like to see more on this issue, please post more info if you have it. Below is the actual court documents embeded.

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