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iFaceLaugh is one of those apps that you can just have fun with, and have fun using it with friends. The iFaceLaugh app allows you to record your best laughs and then compete with your friends for the best laugh. You can compete with your friends online with the app or send your laughs to family and friends.

The bonus game which allows you to compete to best mimic the current laugh selected is pretty fun and can be addicting.

Now iFaceLaugh may not have a practical use, but if you and your friends are bored and want to have some fun, try iFaceLaugh.


Official Feature List:

  • Embed recorded laughs or other sounds into photos
  • Collect and send “facelaughs” to family and friends
  • Play all facelaughs at once
  • Includes a great laugh imitation game called laugh a laugh

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