SoundHound Review [Video]

Melodis offers an alternative to Shazam with their app called SoundHound. SoundHound does everything that Shazam does and more.

Upon launching SoundHound, you are greeted with a simple and easy to use GUI. The main screen offers you options to “Tap Here” to identify a current song, or you can press “Title or Artist” to speak an artist, or song title into your phone or, search with text. There are also 3 menus at the bottom of the app that include; History (displays your recent searches), Whats Hot (displays what people are searching most for), Now Playing (this menu will show you what song you are currently playing from SoundHound).

One of the coolest features I have seen so far is that when you press the “Tap Here” for “What’s that song?” you can even hum the song that you know and SoundHound will find the song for you (considering you are humming the right song).

An even cooler feature, if SoundHound finds a song that is in your library as well, it will have an iPod icon next to the song so you can hear it from your own library.

Official SoundHound Feature list from Melodis:

  • Just hold your iPhone up to a speaker, and SoundHound names the tune in as little as five seconds!
  • It even works if you sing or hum the melody, or if you do it while an iPod song plays – no more title or artist confusion for your iPod songs.
  • Instant lyrics and lyrics text search for most songs – whether you find the song with SoundHound or have it in your iPod.
  • The world’s first ever combined “My Music” and online search: when your SoundHound search results match a song in your iPod library, you’ll see an iPod icon right there to play your own version.
  • Charts of the hottest songs, just grabbed songs, and SoundHound’s much-anticipated “Underplayed” list.
  • Groundbreaking new design with instant access to previews, bios, top songs and YouTube videos.
  • Sharing on email, Facebook and Twitter.

New Features:

  • See lyrics for most songs
  • Play the song right from your iPod if you already have it
  • See lyrics, bios and more for any iPod song
  • See top songs for the artist, and which ones you already own on your iPod
  • Buy the song in iTunes
  • Share it over email, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Check out the whole album, or the artist – including a bio, photos, similar artists, and top songs
  • Play a free preview or youTube videos without leaving SoundHound

Now I have tried out SoundHound and found it to be a feature rich and easy to use app to identify songs. I personally love the hum the song feature. I do recommend SoundHound to anyone who wants something better than Shazam and is willing to spend the money.

*** This app does require an active internet connection to identify your songs ***

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