Critical update for Internet Explorer users from Microsoft.

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In the past weeks Google and other corporation have been under attack by Chinese hackers who according to sources were trying to access gmail users account. The users were mostly bloggers and activists who were against China.

Google which had to bear the full burden of the attack was furious over China and threatened to pull out of China and close its site for good. Also, Google is removing the censorship imposed by Chinese government.

The attack was made possible thanks to a flaw in Internet Explorer which affects Internet Explorer version 6 and higher. Even Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8 is affected by this exploit. The exploit can easily give attackers control over your system and they can execute any code they like.

Microsoft responded with an emergency patch which will be automatically applied if users have Windows Update enabled otherwise users are encouraged to follow the link provided at the bottom and manually install this update.

Even if you don’t use Internet Explorer certain applications use it by default. It’s highly recommended that you install this patch as soon as possible.

Download patch: Link

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