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Synthatic Infatuation LLC has released a new iPhone app called Hipstamatic. Hipstamatic allows you to take pictures with your iPhone with different lens styles. The app comes with a few different lenses for you to try out, and many more that you can purchase to make your pictures on your iPhone more stunning!

Hipstamatic offers many different lens styles from: Vignettes, blurring, to over saturation, they even offer a flash effect for your pictures. Hipstamatic is a very cool app that will allow you to experiment and have fun taking pictures on your iPhone.

Official lens list:

  • John S lens
  • Jimmy lens
  • Kaimal Mark II lens
  • Ina’s 1969 film
  • Kodot Verichrome film
  • Blanko film
  • Standard flash

I have tried this app and it was not very hard to use so I do suggest trying it out if you like taking lots of pictures with your iPhone and are looking for more from your pictures. I do warn you, this app may not be that easy to use for the average iPhone user, so try it with caution.

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