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A quick review of the new iPhone game Asland.

iPhone app developer Colorme has released a new game called Asland. You are a man named Asland, your goal is to escape the city as soon as possible before the zombies overrun you.

The game itself is action packed, you start off with just a hand gun and a ton of bloodthirsty zombies trying to get to you and rip you apart. After every stage you are presented with a map to find new supplies and weapons, with the supplies you can either repair your barricade or create traps to help get rid of the zombie threat. After you have finished searching for supplies you must prepare for nightfall to fight off another wave of zombies.

Asland has the following features:

  • Realistic weapon effects and gun firing sound effects
  • Original in-game music which will give you the best audio and visual experience

The sounds and graphics in Asland are stunning. Asland is also a very easy to use game, all you need to know is how to use 2 fingers on your hands. I could play Asland all day and still want to play more! For $2.99, Asland is well worth the money.


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