ShopShop – Shopping List

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Do you ever run to the grocery store and once you get there you forgot what you were going to get? Well, Nikolaj Schumacher has made remembering easy.

With the ShopShop app you can easily add what you need to get from the grocery store right into your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is this easy, Once ShopShop is open, just press the + sign to start adding grocery’s to the list. ShopShop is a very simple and easy to use application, not fancy or complex, just easy. If you want to remove an item once it has been entered, just swipe your finger across them do mark them done, or hold your finger on them to edit them.

ShopShop - Shopping List

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  • ShopShop devotee

    Why is this no longer at Apple’s AppStore? It says not available in U.S.

  • Sanity

    It appears that he has removed the app, thank you for the heads up.

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