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Woices for the iPhone allows you access to the Woices Audioguides Services. The Woices app allows users to use their iPhone to detect where they are in the world by sounds or echos. Woices is powered by users submissions of audio clips or echoes recorded in specific locations they have been.

The Woices app is easy to use, first you have to enter your account information which can be easily entered on the iPhone. After you are logged in, the Woices app will find your current location and list any echoes in the area. If there aren’t any echoes in the area you can start recording some.

So right now the Woices app does’nt have every location in the world because it has just started collecting data, so dowload it and start collecting echoes! The app is free so download and try it!

Official Feature list:

  • Explore and detect audio guides (echoes) around your current position
  • Search for any echo with our search form
  • Retrieve any particular echo by placing its e-code in the search form
  • Browse your favorite echoes
  • Add any echo to your favorites list
  • Record and upload your own echoes
  • Take a photo and attach it to your own echoes before uploading them
  • Detect and browse Woices exclusive InfoSpots


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