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Who would have thought that someone would come up with a way to have a PowerPoint meeting over the iPhone. MightyMeeting lets you have that meeting anywhere you want to.

First you download the MightyMeeting App from the App Store or you can even view their WebApp without even installing the application on the iPhone. After launching the App you will be asked to either register or login for the first time. If you already have a MightyMetting account you can start viewing your presentations right away.

Once you have uploaded PowerPoint presentations online you can start meetings from your iPhone or iPod touch, and even the web, all you have to do is press the “Meet Now” button. Meetings can be initiated over the web, email invitation, or SMS. While in a meeting, attendees can chat in real-times via the chat interface while in a meeting.

MightyMeeting supports meetings over 3G and Wi-Fi as well as while you are in a call so you can be in a web meeting and deliver a voice presentation to go with it anywhere you are.

MightyMeeting presentations can either be kept private in your account or made public and posted via Twitter and Facebook as well as blog entries. MightyMeeting is definately a unique app and I do recommend it to anyone that does presentations often and travels frequently. With MightyMeeting, you can make your next conference call that much better by hosting a presentation from your iPhone.

Here is the getting started guide and a demo video from the creators of MightyMeeting:

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**Version 3.1 Released***

Whats new in 3.1:

  • Automatically shorten URLs before posting presentations to Twitter
  • Allow connecting to meetings from the native iPhone application (previously the native applications could be used to host a meeting but could not be used to join a meeting

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