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Another great game from Storm8 is iMobsters. The iMobsters game is an online RPG style game that lets you experience being a mobster. You start out as a petty thief at level 1 and grow your level and strength by getting others to join your mob and gaining experience.

The game features an easy to use interface that offers you many different menus to control your character. The menus are as follows:

Missions: Here you will find missions that you can perform that will help you gain experience and money to gain levels and purchase equipment.

Attack: The attack menu lets you attack other mobsters to steal their money.

Real Estate: This menu lets you purchase real estate to increase your income so you can keep up with your item upkeep.

Equipment: The equipment menu lets you purchase weapons and vehicles to fend off other mobsters or mobs, remember each item has its individual upkeep that you need to maintain by purchasing real estate.

Bank: The bank is where you can store your money so when other mobsters attack you, they are unable to steal any of your money that is in the bank.

Hospital: The hospital is there to heal you when you are attacked and wish to attack again but have low health.

My Mob: This menu shows your entire mob and who is in it.

Godfather: This menu offers you with ways to change your characters name, gain more money, refill energy, stamina, or health, as well as reset your character.

My Profile: This menu does just what is says, it allows you to get an overview of your current character in the game.

News Feed: The news feed shows current attacks against you, comments, and broadcasts from your mob.

Official Feature list:

  • Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Mafia Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Free updates with new missions, weapons, real estate, and more
  • Fight other players LIVE
  • Arm your mob with the most powerful weapons, armor, and vehicles
  • Control the city by acquiring real estate and extracting a fat income from them
  • Bring your friends into your mob to make it stronger
  • Perform numerous dangerous missions
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics
  • Enjoy mafia sounds
  • Loot rare items
  • Get real time updates
  • Add players to the hit list
  • comment on other mobsters’ profiles
  • Broadcast messages to your mob

Overall I like playing this game in my free time, the game itself does not take up a ton of time because you have to wait for your stamina to regenerate to play again. This game is fun, I do recommend it to anyone that is looking for a relatively simple and easy to use game. Storm8 has made yet another great game and iMobsters definitely deserves a download.

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