Twilight, The Movie Game

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The Twilight Movie Game app is full of trivia from the movie Twilight. If you are a big Twilight fan I suggest that you check out this app while it is free because it is not worth spending any money on.

The game starts off by letting you choose either single player or multi player with up to 4 friends. It then asks you to choose a player to answer trivia questions about. You start off with 3 hearts so if you answer 3 questions wrong you are done. The more questions you get right the more points you get, work towards high scores and compete with friends.

The current free version of this app is very short and has ads that pop up all of the time which are very annoying. If a paid version of this app comes out and is exactly the same I do not suggest downloading it because it is not worth it at all. But for quick fun and Twilight trivia, you can’t go wrong.

Twilight: The Movie Game

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