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iSearch offers you a alternative to using Safari to search on your iPhone or iTouch. iSearch has an easy to use interface that lists your search results in an easy to read view. iSearch uses either the search engine or the search engine to drive your search results.The app also allows you to do image searches as well. iSearch also allows you to actually open the website inside the application instead of using Safari.

I like this app personally because it does a great job in organizing your search results in a small window. The app also does a great job displaying images in thumbnail view so you can see a preview before you click on it. The only drawback at this point that I can see is, that it only allows you to use Bing, and Yahoo. I would like to use Google search on this app, holpefully we will see this in the near future.

If you have used iSearch before please leave a comment and rate it below or above. Thanks!

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