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Ever find yourself driving or somewhere, were you wish you had a phone number to that restaurant that you saw earlier? Well wish no more! Avantar’s AirYell app allows you to search Yellowpages listings no matter where you are in the United States. Yes thats right I said United States, sorry to everyone else but currently this app only workes in the US.

Why get Airyell?

The app not only finds your location and give you a phone number to what you searched but it also gives you directions! After the search is completed, AirYell will give you the number and location, just click the map and AirYell will map directions to your destination from where you are. Other features include; find restaurants near you, doctors, auto services, and even pizza! There is also a tab that has even more services that AirYell can find you from Attorneys to Hotels! It is like having a phonebook and a personal navigator to take you where you want to go in your pocket!

I find myself using AirYell almost every day! Below are some screenshots of the app, take a look and try it out! Oh did I mention AirYell is FREE?

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