Apple Tablet – Fact or Fiction

You may have heard the rumors about an Apple Table in development at Apple. None of these rumors however have been confirmed by Apple themselves. I do however believe that Apple is working on something big and could be a new tablet in the Mac line of products.

Now claims to have insider information on the new Apple Tablet, they claim to have had a phone call with an insider at Apple. Quoted from the leak at Gizmodo:

“Hey, it’s [redacted]. I may or may not have sat in some Apple meetings for the tablet.”

Now I don’t know what to believe about the new tablet, I do however believe that it is definitely possible for Apple to release something like a tablet. Also, has rumored technical specs for the tablet as well as a release date that has passed. They also have some pictures of the new tablet.

macbooktouch5The technical specs they have listed are as follows:

Screen size: “may be up to 10 inches diagonally”, touch sensitive (of course)

Phone capability? Unlikely – it’s more like a large iPod Touch than an iPhone.

Wireless connectivity: Same as the iPod Touch, with the ability to download media through iTunes.

Kindle Rival? May provide the ability to read books, creating a rival to Amazon’s Kindle.

Launch date: By Christmas, possibly as early as September.

I would love to see this happen! I think it would be fantastic to have something like the Apple tablet or MacbookTouch, what some people are calling it. But Apple has to get it right or it will be a major flop. I have also heard some rumors that it will be like a bigger iPhone. I for one do not want to see this tablet turn into a big iPhone, I want to see it as a MacBook Pro as one giant screen, maybe some of the iPhone functionality built in. Just imagine the uses, it would be great for presentations that is if they allow for a external monitor to be attached. It could be great for taking notes in class or anywhere else. It could also be great for reading and browsing the web and possibly gaming. One feature that I would like to see Apple come out with, and not just for this but for all of their products is Fingerprint Recognition. I would like to see this technology, HP and Dell can do it why can’t Apple.

Here are some other sites that have different ideas about how the tablet will look:





I do believe this picture to be one of my favorites and most believable from, it features the Magic Dock which would allow you to dock with your computer monitor and keyboard. Good Job :)

With all of these different concepts, nobody really knows if we will see the tablet or even what it will look like. I will just continue to wait and see what Apple has in store for us, maybe we will see something big by Christmas, maybe not who knows.

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