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Tired of speeding tickets? Well then the iTunes App store has what you need. The Trapster app allows you to locate speed traps that are in your path of travel.

How does it work?

You simply launch the application and it notifies you of speed traps that are around you. Also if you see a speed trap that is not displayed on the app, simply touch the report button on your phone.

As you approach a speed trap, Trapster alerts you to its presence via an alert on the screen along with an audible alert. Here is what an alert looks like:

Trapster Alert

Trapster also displays locations of Banks/ATM’s, Gas Stations, Parking Lots, Schools, Police Stations, and Fire Stations. You can also program routes into Trapster so it can find any traps ahead of time for you. Trapster alerts you for Red Light Cameras, Hiding police, Speed Cameras, Check Points, Combo Cameras, and Mobile Cameras as well.

I have this app and it worked great for me and I do recommend it for those heavy and even the not so heavy travelers. If you have an iPhone you can download the app here from the iTunes store. Trapster speed trap alerts (now with Twitter and Facebook Connect)

What phones are supported?

* iPhone
* BlackBerry
* Android (the TMobile G1 and others)
* Nokia N95, N96, N97, 5800, E71, and other Symbian s60 phones
* Unlocked J2ME phones with GPS (for example the TMobile Sony Ericsson W370)
* Palm Pre and Windows Mobile versions coming soon

Have an opinion? Feel free to post, we would be glad to hear your experiences with this app.

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