[starreviewmulti id=1 tpl=20] iSearch offers you a alternative to using Safari to search on your iPhone or iTouch. iSearch has an easy to use interface that lists your search results in an easy to read view. iSearch uses either the search engine or the search engine to drive your search results.The app also allows you to do image searches as well. iSearch also allows you to actually open the website inside the application instead of using Safari. I like this app personally because it does a great job in organizing your search results in a small window. The app also does a great job displaying images in thumbnail view so you can see a preview before you click on it. The only drawback at this point that I can see is, that it only allows you to use Bing, and Yahoo. I would like to use Google search on this app, holpefully we will see this in the near future. If you have used iSearch before please leave a comment and rate it below or above.... read more

New Features to Tekgoblin

I have been working hard on adding and comming up with new ways for you to interact with the site. I have recently added features for users of the site to message eachother as long as they are logged in. I have also added a chat bar at the bottom of the site so everyone on the site can talk to eachother. I am in the process of implementing a rating system forĀ  apps which will allow them to be rated by functionality, reliability, etc… Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment... read more

Doodle Buddy

With the Doodle Buddy app from the app store, you can actually keep your finger busy. Doodle Buddy allows you to finger paint with your fingers!

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iPhoto 8.1.1 update released

Today Apple released an update for iPhoto version 8.1.1. The following items were addressed in this update. Resolves an issue that could result in slow performance when displaying suggested matching faces. Addresses a face recognition issue that could result in some faces being matched incorrectly. Important: If you imported photos of people while using iPhoto 8.1, there’s an extra step you should take after installing the 8.1.1 update. Select all those photos, Control-click to open the contextual menu, and then choose Detect Missing Faces. This will redetect the faces in those photos and correct any face recognition issues introduced in iPhoto 8.1. You should not quit iPhoto during the Detect Missing Faces process. Book ordering Resolves an issue that caused book order panel information to be displayed incorrectly in some languages iPod touch Support Displays the icon for iPod touch (2nd Generation) correctly in the source list More information at:... read more

Target App

[starreviewmulti id=1 tpl=20] Need to do some shopping for the holiday season? Or just want to buy something for yourself? Well the Target app has what you need. The Target app for the iPhone or iPod Touch can search and stores near you for what you need. This app features many options to find what you may need. Here are some of the features: Browse: Shop by department and category to see what’s available at stores and online. Weekly ad: View the great savings each week at stores in your neighborhood. Registries + Lists: Search for and view Club Wedd and Target Baby registries, and TargetLists. Check off items you’ve purchased and manage your own registries or lists. Find a Store: Use your location or enter your ZIP to find the nearest Target. Set Store: Get results specific to your store. Search: Find items where you shop, including department and aisle locations. Item Details: View images, read guest reviews and check for availavility at nearby Target stores. Find Gifts: Search by gender, age, price, personality or occasion. Now this app has quite a few people complaining that it crashes a lot, but I have not noticed any app crashes at all during my use of it thus far. So if you are going to download this app please be aware that other users have been experiencing issues with this app. Price:... read more

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