Google Search

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Love Google? Why not have the best search engine on your phone.

googleappI love this app, you can either search with the standard search bar by typing what you want to find. Or you can press the “Voice Search” option on the right and actually say what you are searching for. I was amazed at how good this app actually works! Also if you don’t know how to use it you can just press the “Watch a video to learn more” button at the bottom and they will explain it all for you.

Features of Google Search for mobile

Comprehensive Google results. Get Universal Search on your phone including web, image, local, video, blog, news, books, and maps results to find what you’re looking for.

Relevance and speed. From weather forecasts to movie showtimes, find common search answers right away without clicking any links.

Results formatted for your phone. See a mobile-optimized blend of universal search results, easy-to-press tap-to-call links, expandable map links, and more.

Wide availability. Access Google through the browser in 38 languages on any phone with internet access.

Easy access. Make Google your home page in your mobile browser to search even faster.

This app also has a Apps tab at the bottom that will link you to all of your other favorite Google applications so you can install them on your phone (links vary per phone).

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