Kingdoms Live

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Storm8 has published many different apps for the iPhone including Kingdoms Live. Kingdoms Live is a RPG like game where you must grow your kingdom while creating allies and fighting off enemies.


The user interface is quite simple, at the top you have your current gold, experience, and current level. Below that you have your health points, mana, and spirit. The buttons below allow you to navigate different areas of the app, Land allows you to purchase more land to increase income. Ancients lets you perform options like change your name or class. The vault allows you to store gold so that when attacked, it is not stolen. The priest allows you to heal up so you may fight again. The armory allows you to purchase more armor and weapons for your troops. The battle tab allows you to fight enemies to gain gold or experience. You can even hit list people from that tab that have made you mad or that you just don’t like. The recruit section allows you to add new allies to your army, you will need more people to attack higher level people. The higher your level the more people you need in your army.

Also on the main screen is the news section.


The news feed allows you to see who attacked you, who has commented on your profile and also your army broadcasts.

Overall I rate this as a good app, it is FREE and fun to play in your free time. The app doesn’t take up a lot of time and is relatively easy to understand. I recommend that you try this app, you wont be disappointed.

Get the app here!Kingdoms Live?

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