Hey after listening to TWIT’s podcast and the mentioning of Drobo i thought I would check it out. Data Robotics incorporated makes external hard drive arrays that allow you to store all of your data on your desktop in a raid array. It does all of the work for you.

Here is the features list from Wiki


* Data protection for all drives, as Drobo controls any access to the data
* Recognizes and utilizes newly added storage devices on the fly
* Hard drives do not need to be matched in terms of capacity, speed, or manufacturer.
* The drives appear as one unified drive to the host operating system without requiring the installation of the management software on the host.
* Supported file systems: HFS Plus, NTFS, ext3 and FAT32
* File system redundancy is managed by a virtualization layer which lays data out in a proprietary Drobo format.
* Second Firewire port allows a user to daisy-chain multiple Drobos up to a computer. Each Drobo mounts as a separate system on the computer.
* With the addition of the DroboShare, network-attached storage (NAS) add-on, functionality can be added via open-source software. Examples are iTunes music server functionality, UPnP/DLNA support, and FTP access.

Check it out at and let me know what you think.

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